Towson State University

Academic Freedom Under Attack At Towson State University In Baltimore!

A case attacking academic freedom has occurred at Towson State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

An adjunct professor of Art, Allen Zaruba, was fired for using the N word in his discussion, a passing comment about his status as an adjunct professor who had no security or ability to improve his status.

Basically, he just blundered, not carefully considering what he was uttering, and while it was wrong to say what he said, for the provost to go ahead and fire him after 12 years of employment part time, and with a record of excellent student evaluations, seems overly harsh.

A reprimand and warning would have been sufficient, as to fire him on the phone without any due process was against our system of justice. The American Association of University Professors declared that Professor Zaruba deserved a full hearing, and a poll of Towson students showed that 77 percent thought the firing was uncalled for on one incident alone.

Towson State University should rescind its action, and if it does not, then the AAUP should censure the institution for its mistreatment of an professor who has been brought under an unreasonable standard. It does not reflect well on that institution, and needs more publicity and attention in the news media to bring pressure to rescind such an unjust action!