Tim Russert

The Conservative Heritage Foundation, Newt Gingrich, And Mitt Romney: All Supportive Of “Individual Mandate” In The Past!

The big argument against the Obama Health Care law is that it is unconstitutional to require an “individual mandate” of all citizens, that they be required to buy health insurance or be assessed a penalty on their income tax returns.

And yet, this is PRECISELY what the conservative Heritage Foundation advocated on the issue of health care as early as 1989!

This is what Newt Gingrich advocated when interviewed on NBC by Tim Russert in 1993!

This is what Mitt Romney advocated in Massachusetts, when they passed the model for the Obama Health Care plan in 2006, and still praised two years ago when the health care law was passed by Congress!

So therefore, the idea of the “individual mandate” is a CONSERVATIVE and REPUBLICAN idea, but now bitterly attacked when the Democrats and Barack Obama achieve it after decades of debate about the need for health care coverage for all Americans!

What does this make the Heritage Foundation, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and many other conservative and Republican leaders?

It makes them total HYPOCRITES, not worthy of our respect and support!

Luke Russert Shines On MSNBC: His Father Would Be Proud!

One of the pleasant developments in the media world is the rise of Luke Russert to stature on MSNBC!

The son of Tim Russert, the much respected anchor of MEET THE PRESS for two decades, who died of a heart attack in June 2008, Luke Russert at the time was a fresh college graduate who seemed like a nice young man, but who knew that he would shine and develop over the next three years?

Luke Russert has become a Capitol Hill correspondent for MSNBC and NBC News, and has done a very creditable job.

He has matured and become respected in a way that his father would be very proud of, and this morning he was anchor on THE DAILY RUNDOWN, substituting for Chuck Todd.

Don’t be surprised if he, someday soon, ends up as anchor of his own show, as he has become a major asset to MSNBC and NBC in the tradition of his beloved, honored dad!