Mitt Romney Says Corporations Are People! Really, Mitt?

Mitt Romney made clear yesterday that he will refuse to raise any taxes on corporations, because “corporations are people, too”, and should not be discriminated against by EVER asking them to pay more taxes, when the corporate level of taxes is the lowest in the past 70 years!

Mitt, do you really believe corporations are people, or is that simply a way to gain Tea Party radical support, which shows you have no principles at all, except to be elected, but will discover, if you are somehow elected, that you cannot keep that promise, or the nation goes down the drain!

Corporations are people in the sense that people operate, manage, and work for corporations, but they are not there for the people of the nation!

Corporations are out to make as much obscene profit as they can, and avoid any responsibility to anyone outside of their greedy stockholders, who don’t care about the national interest; don’t care about the working conditions and wages of employees; and don’t care to take responsibility when mistakes are made in the production or distribution of their products and services to consumers!

The goal always is to cut costs, exploit employees as much as possible, and charge as much as they can get away with, and have no social compassion or concern other than the almighty dollar and profits!

So corporations are happy to get away with responsibility to the public, other than what governments force on them!

And it is obvious the Republican Party will NEVER hold corporations accountable no matter how difficult the economic climate in the future!

So Mitt Romney is totally lying in his assertion that corporations are people too!