Simpson-Bowles Commission

Paul Ryan: Good Delivery, But No Facts Or Truths! Condoleezza Rice: Best Speech, Should Have Been Vice Presidential Nominee!

Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Congressman Paul Ryan, gave a rousing speech tonight at the Republican National Convention.

There is no question of his oratorical ability and his handsome presence, and the scene of his mom being there with his wife and children was a very pleasing and emotional moment.

But Ryan, despite his great delivery, had no facts or truths, and instead continued to spread propaganda about Medicare, and complained about Barack Obama not backing his Debt Commission, headed by Alan Simpson and Simpson Bowles, but Ryan himself also refused to back the commission results, so it is hypocritical to attack someone for something you also did–rejection of the commission report!

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave, easily, the best speech of the entire convention, showed brilliance and the desire to promote unity in America, and also spoke on foreign policy, which has been ignored in this convention. She emphasized the importance of education and immigration, not the kind of points that Republicans have been willing to make.

So it is clear that Mitt Romney made a mistake in picking Paul Ryan to be his Vice Presidential choice, and should have selected Condoleezza Rice instead!