Shannon Meehan

Shannon Meehan: Iraq War Veteran Who Deserves Commendation!

Shannon Meehan, an Iraq War veteran, who ordered a strike on a building in which an Iraqi family was killed in the summer of 2007, and who suffered from brain trauma injury and post traumatic stress disorder as a result, is taking a step to make a major contribution in the future. He is running for the Pennsylvania state legislature as a Democrat in this fall’s election.

Meehan has felt guilt ever since the tragic event almost three years ago, and the fact that he does is both sad but also inspiring as one would hope that all soldiers feel a responsibility when mistakes are made. The fact that he wants to offer himself to improve his state and our country by engaging in American politics is a wonderful result of his earlier, courageous commitment to defend our nation!

It proves that despite the cynicism and anti government mentality of the Tea Party Movement, that we still have many patriotic Americans who see that if we attack our government and promote division, that makes the chance of success and progress less likely.

Meehan is a fine young man who represents the best of American youth, and the author hopes he will succeed in his quest for the Pennsylvania legislature, and will be seen in the halls of Congress in the near future. We need more people of character, principle and morals to lead our nation into the future!