Sequester Crisis

The Sequester Battle Will Have Same Result As Budget Battle Between Bill Clinton And Congress In 1995: Presidential Victory!

The Republican Party keeps “shooting itself in the foot”, symbolically, never learning anything, and undermining their support with public opinion.

In 1995, the Republican controlled House and Senate under Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole forced a shutdown of the government over the budget, but eventually had to give in, and Bill Clinton proceeded to win a second term over Dole handily, and the GOP Congress lost seats in 1996.

The budget battles with Barack Obama by the Republican controlled House under John Boehner have also hurt the GOP image in public opinion, and it is certain that the President will win the battle over the present “sequester” crisis, as Obama comes across, after a solid victory in the Presidential Election Of 2012, as speaking for the “people”, while the Republicans are ready to defend the “special interests” and their tax breaks, and hurt the poor, children, the elderly, and government employees.

Obama has a high rating, and the Congress is at a low historically, so the Republican Party is only, in the long run, hurting itself!