September 11 First Responders Health Care

Triumph For The September 11 First Responders Medical Care Legislation! :)

As I write, the 9/11 First Responders Medical Care Act has passed its last hurdles to passage, and being signed into law by President Obama.

The threatened “hold” of Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn was overcome with a voice vote, and after a little tinkering with the cost, which is fully paid for.

The fact that the legislation was held hostage by Senate GOP leadership is an absolute disgrace, and they were shamed into allowing action finally, after condemnation by Jon Stewart of the Comedy Channel, former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani, and even Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith! 🙁

The idea that Senator Coburn, himself a so called medical doctor, opposed passage and tried to bottleneck it, should be condemned as absolutely despicable and unconscionable behavior, unbecoming any United States Senator! 🙁

But as we know, these past two years have seen example after interminable example of outrageous behavior and statements by a party which used to be seen as respectable, but now is seen as representing the loonies, rather than the mainstream of America! 🙁

The fact that our “heroes” of September 11 will finally get some well deserved justice and financial support for their sacrifices nine years ago is to be hailed as a great moment in the history of our nation, as what they did is no different than what our freedom fighters have done throughout our history on the battlefields of the world, promoting freedom and liberty in the name of our ideals! 🙂

The nation should be blessing our 111th Congress for the great deed they have finally achieved!