Senator James Inhofe

Climate Change Debate Between Al Gore And Sarah Palin

As the Climate Change Summit meets in Copenhagen, Denmark, the debate over whether global warming is occurring is raging, with former Vice President Al Gore and former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin attacking each other’s views on the issue.

Ironically, Palin has completely switched her views from when she was Alaska Governor and the running mate of Senator John McCain. She has chosen to join the Climate Change deniers, including such loonies as Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, and conservative talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

This just is further evidence of the shallowness of Sarah Palin, and her total lack of knowledge of science, and her inability to speak on any issue with intelligence and knowledge. If she represents the so called “average” American, then indeed the nation is in much deeper trouble in the future than we yet recognize!