Senate Dress Code

The Changed Dress Code In The US Senate Is A Blunder, Should Be Reversed!

In the midst of so many important national issues, we have the controversy over the changed dress code in the US Senate, as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has relaxed dress requirements, primarily for Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, who likes to wear shorts and hoodies, sneakers, short sleeve button down shirt and no tie.

This has caused an uproar particularly among Republicans, as the argument is that proper dress code is appropriate in a legislative body.

This author and blogger must say that on this matter, the Republicans, who are rarely on the side of virtue, are correct, in his view.

Certainly, it seems likely that if the Republicans regain the Senate in 2024 or later, they will rescind this change in the dress code.

It is not the most important issue, but still the dignity of a legislative body should demand proper clothing be worn!