Seasonal Flu

America Has Lost More People In Two Months Of The CoronaVirus Pandemic Than In 12 Years In Vietnam!

The United States had its first loss of life to the CoronaVirus Pandemic on February 29.

Two months later, we have lost 60,000 Americans, more than the Vietnam War loss of over 58,000 from 1963-1975.

No one could possibly have imagined such a horrifying development, something Donald Trump predicted a couple of weeks ago would be the most losses.

But clearly, we are far from the end of this crisis, with predictions that there will be a much bigger wave this fall and winter, coinciding with the seasonal Flu, and also the danger of hurricane season coming upon us soon.

This is one of the darkest moments in American history, a literal nightmare for all of us, as we will likely learn of people we know, and possibly relatives and friends, losing their lives to this pandemic!