Barack Obama And “RomneyHood”!

President Obama has come up with a new term for his opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for President.

Referring to Robin Hood as the man who stole from the rich to give to the poor, Obama called what Romney represents as “RomneyHood”, in that he wishes to steal from the poor and middle classes to give to the rich, as if they need more tax cuts than they have already received under the Bush tax cuts of the past decade.

Mitt Romney is trying to overcome his wealthy, uncaring image, so he went shopping yesterday for a few items near his mansion in New Hampshire, and looked totally ridiculous, preposterous, and phony, which is nothing new for him.

It is clear that he cannot even shop and seem like a normal human being, and is totally non-communicative with the media in the process of acting stiff and formal, even when shopping.

This man is an aristocrat who cannot relate to average people and never will, and calling what he wishes to do as “RomneyHood” is, therefore, totally appropriate!