Richard M. Daley

New Chief Of Staff William Daley A Good Choice By President Obama?

The appointment of William Daley as Chief of Staff to President Obama is a very controversial selection.

Certainly, Daley has the smarts and the contacts that a Chief of Staff should have.

He is a friend of the business community, and his appointment has been applauded by Republican leaders and the Chambers of Commerce, ironically two groups which worked to overcome the Obama agenda and put the GOP in control of the House of Representatives and state governorships and legislatures.

The brother of outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, and the son of former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, the new Chief of Staff brings a background as former Secretary of Commerce for President Clinton, and also opposition to the Obama Health Care legislation and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau headed by his rival, Professor Elizabeth Warren of Harvard University.

It is hard for progressives and liberals to accept and tolerate such an appointment, as it seems to contradict the Obama agenda, and it makes one wonder if Obama is truly becoming another Bill Clinton, moving toward the center, and trying to make friends with those who have bitterly opposed him.

Is such a strategy going to work? It just might, and could help secure Obama a second term in the White House.

But will it lead to more progressive legislation in the next two to six years, or will Obama disappoint those on the left who expected more aggressive pursuit of major progressive goals based on Obama’s 2008 campaign?

Is Obama selling out his supporters to be re-elected, or is this just the reality of American politics, that too much change cannot be accomplished under our system of government?

Do we have to be happy for what has been gained, and be satisfied, or should we be skeptics and be concerned about the direction of the Obama Presidency?

The feelings of the author are confusion and concern, as so much more needs to be pursued, but the re-election campaign gets in the way of such goals.

Of course, if Obama fails to win re-election, then none of the goals of the progressives will be attainable, so it leaves progressives in a “no man’s land”! What alternatives do progressives have but hope for the best from Obama? Probably none, sad to say! 🙁

Two Landmarks Reached By American Politicians! Mayor Richard M. Daley and Senator Barbara Mikulski!

As the year 2010 nears an end, two landmarks have been reached by political officeholders.

Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago has just passed the longevity in office of his father, Richard J. Daley, who served as Mayor from 1955-1976. Son Daley will be in office a few more months until his successor, likely Rahm Emanuel, former Congressman and Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama, wins the election in February to succeed the retiring younger Daley.

Also, Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski is surpassing the record for longevity in office of the longest serving woman Senator, Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, who served 24 years in the upper body from 1948-1972, and since Mikulski has just been re-elected to a fifth six year term, she will be adding to the record daily.

Congratulations are in order for Mayor Daley and Senator Mikulski, both of whom have had a major impact on their city and the Senate, respectively!