The Problem Of The Media, Justice, And Fairness!

The controversial decision in the Casey Anthony case, along with that of the much more famous O. J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson, and many other cases, brings to mind the reality of our justice system.

The media tend to exaggerate, distort, sensationalize and over dramatize cases, using pundits and “talking heads” who tend to poison the public mind, and make them angry when a jury, going by the evidence presented in court, comes up with a decision they do not agree with, after tons of propaganda have been planted in their heads!

It is also troubling how much more than not, innocent people are found guilty, and some are on death row or have been executed, with new evidence often not being permitted to reconsider their cases!

The old saying is “Better that a guilty person go free, than an innocent person go to prison for a long time or be executed”!

In the midst of the anger and outrage at what happened in the case of Casey Anthony, let us remember that, and dedicate ourselves to a better system in which true justice can be accomplished!

And also realize that the average prosecutor is paid far less than the average defense attorney, and that many prosecutors switch sides because of that reality!

So if we want so called “better” prosecutions, besides having adequate evidence, let us realize that the compensation of prosecutors needs to be dramatically improved!

Again, if taxpayers are not willing to pay for better services in so many areas of government, including prosecutors, then we get what we deserve–inadequate legal response to crime by our government!