Psychiatric Disorders

Tremendous Benefit Of “ObamaCare”: Full Coverage For Mental Illness!

One of the unsung benefits of the Affordable Care Act, better known as “ObamaCare”, is the fact that the vast number of Americans with mental illness, a psychological or psychiatric disorder, will now be covered by the new law, liberating them from the burden of not being covered, because of what is termed a “pre-existing condition”.

People with mental illness suffer in silence much too often, and the rate of suicide is very high, and their lives have not meant much to the general public.

Now we have a humane policy, which one would think NO ONE would argue against, but yet Mitt Romney and his Republican party are determined to obliterate the health care bill, if they gain power!

What else is needed to shout into the ears of all Americans who have any sense of common decency, that the Republicans must be punished for their mean spirited, uncaring attitude toward those who need medical help, even if their illness is not obvious in a physical sense that all can see?

Barack Obama will go down in history for many things, not the least that he became the President who cared enough, and his Democratic party also caring enough, to enact legislation to cover mental health issues!