Progressives In Democratic Party

Joe Biden Public Opinion Ratings Are Bad News, But Still Wins Polls Against Donald Trump For 2024!

President Biden is down to 33 percent support in public opinion polls, as his age and the economic difficulties facing the nation undermine him.

But yet, indications are that Biden would be favored over Donald Trump if both Presidents were to be the alternatives in the Presidential Election of 2024.

So while there is discontent about Biden’s fortunes, particularly among progressives in the Democratic Party, at this point no challengers are seen as likely short term against Joe Biden.

However, the issue of age is not going to go away, as Biden would be 82-86 in age during a second term, and Trump would be 78-82!

It seems clear that it is time for a new generation of leadership to come into power in the Democratic Party, as well as the Republican Party!