Presidential Elections Of 2012

John Kerry Preparing Barack Obama For Debate As Mitt Romney “Stand In”: Dress Rehearsal For Becoming Secretary Of State!

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry is acting as a “stand in” for Mitt Romney in the Barack Obama preparations for the Presidential debates, beginning on Wednesday of this week.

Kerry knows Romney very well, as Romney served as Governor of Massachusetts, and Kerry has come to understand him very well as a result, including all of his shortcomings, so is a perfect “stand in” to prepare Obama for what Romney might do and say in the upcoming Presidential debates.

It is extremely ironic that Kerry was often accused of being a “flip flopper” during his own Presidential run in 2004, and was also described as being stiff, awkward, and aloof, just as Romney is perceived, except to a far greater extent in the case of Romney!

Kerry helping Obama can be seen as a dress rehearsal for his becoming Secretary of State in a second Obama Administration, once Hillary Clinton retires early next year. With his exceptional leadership of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and his 28 years service in the Senate, Kerry is an outstanding front runner for leadership in the State Department for the future!

A Sign Of 2012 Reversal Of 2010 Midterm Elections: NY 26 Congressional District Results Show Medicare Is Democratic Weapon Against Republicans!

In what could be described as an upset, the Democratic nominee for the New York 26th Congressional District seat in the Buffalo area, vacated by Republican Chris Lee (involved in an embarrassing shirtless pic scandal), won in a district which had voted Republican on a regular basis since the Civil War!

The winning Democrat won about 48 percent of the vote, nearly twice the amount of the Democratic nominee against Chris Lee in the 2010 election six and a half months ago, and it was based on the issue of Medicare, where the GOP nominee said she would have supported the Paul Ryan plan to privatize Medicare over a ten year period!

Town Halls and polls have steadily indicated that Americans of ALL ages, not just senior citizens, do NOT want the privatization of Medicare, and there are also strong hints that the whole issue of Health Care reform may be moving in the direction of the Democrats, after they lost more seats (63) in a midterm election than since 1938, and more seats than ever before since 1948.

Health Care is a basic human right, and the issue has been brought to center stage again by what the 26th Congressional District has just done, and it will create many sleepless days and nights for the House majority led by Speaker John Boehner, the Senate minority led by Mitch McConnell, and all of the GOP Presidential candidates competing to replace Barack Obama in the White House!