Pew Research

Obama Press Coverage Very Negative, But Still Well Liked In Polls!

A Pew Research study shows that President Barack Obama has had very high levels of criticism in press coverage, but still retains a high personal likeability rating.

It is nothing new for Presidents to be bitterly attacked in the news media, particularly during a re-election campaign, but that does not necessarily lead to it having an effect on the presidential election.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was castigated and condemned, and still he won easy re-election victories.

The same occurred with Harry Truman, and he shocked everyone by winning re-election in 1948!

Bill Clinton came under constant fire in 1996, and George W. Bush in 2004, and yet they both won a second term.

As long as Obama has a high likeability rating, it will be difficult for any opponent to defeat him, no matter how the economy is used as an issue.

The question is whether the Republicans find a candidate who will be seen as much likeable as Barack Obama! Don’t bet on it!