Palm Beach Atlantic University

Outrage Over Palm Beach Atlantic University English Professor Fired Over “Racial Justice” In Syllabus!

A shocking event occurred at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida this week!

This private Christian liberal arts university summarily dismissed an English professor, Sam Joeckel, who had taught at the school for 21 years with no issues or problems, based on a parent of a student complaining that the subject of “racial justice” was a possible written assignment in the curriculum of the course, something that was in the syllabus for the past dozen years or more, without any controversy.

The university does not give tenure, and clearly, promotes a narrow minded view of Christianity, not in any way representative of the teachings of Jesus Christ, but instead wishing to undermine the reality of racial bias that has existed in America throughout its history, right up to the present time!

The professor was denied access to his office, and fired in the middle of a course that his students signed up for to end in late April-early May.

What kind of a message does this send to anyone who attends Palm Beach Atlantic University?

It says college students are not adults, and can have their parents intervene to complain about a professor and his course materials, a total outrage!

It says there is no concern about the rights and common decency that any college professor should have at any university, whether public, private, or religiously based!

It says there is no sensitivity to the reality of multi ethnic America!

This outrage calls for a massive law suit against Palm Beach Atlantic University, as they have done untold damage to the reputation and economic benefit of a dedicated professor, who was treated as garbage!

It calls for a massive boycott of the university, and any decent person who attends there should find another university to continue work towards his or her degree!