Oil And Energy Companies

Senator Bernie Sanders’ Guide To Corporate Freeloaders!

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has come up with a list of what he calls “Corporate Freeloaders”, corporations that have failed to pay taxes to the US government, and demonstrate an arrogance that is infuriating!

At the top of the list is Exxon Mobil, paying no federal income taxes, but receiving a rebate from the government, while making $19 billion in profits in 2009!

Bank of America is second on the list, making $4.4 billion in profits, but gaining a $1 trillion bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department, and even receiving a $1.9 billion tax refund!

General Electric is third on the list, cutting American jobs by one fifth, earning $26 billion in profits over five years, and receiving a $4.1 billion tax refund!

The rest of the list includes oil companies Chevron, Valero Energy, and Conoco Phillips; banking and finance companies Goldman Sachs and Citigroup; and in transportation, Boeing and Carnival Cruise Lines.

So, in summary, it is the oil and energy companies, the banks and finance companies, plus transportation companies and General Electric, who have willingly robbed the nation of needed tax revenues!

Is there any way to justify this? Is it “Christian values” to refuse to pay taxes? Is it moral or ethical to do this? Or is it just plain greed, selfishness, and corruption that explains how the top American corporations can have no limit to their lack of patriotism and commitment to the advancement of the American people, instead of just themselves?