Obama Victory Fund 2012

Barack Obama Campaign Strategy Evident Through Obama Victory Fund 2012 Store

If one is an Obama supporter and decides to purchase T shirts, buttons, hats, posters and other campaign paraphernalia form the Obama Campaign Store online, one becomes very aware of the President’s strategy for the upcoming election.

Contributions to the Obama Victory Fund 2012 are divided among state Democratic Party committees in ten states, all of which are “swing states”.

It is interesting to note the percentages assigned to these ten states.

They are as follows: Florida, 17 %; Ohio, 16%; Pennsylvania, 13%; Colorado, 11%; North Carolina, 11%; Virginia, 11%; Nevada, 6%; Wisconsin, 6%; Iowa, 5%; New Hampshire, 4%.

Note that two states which Obama won in 2008 are not on this list: Indiana, which the campaign believes will be very hard to win this time; and New Mexico, which seems much more certain this time as guaranteed for Obama.

Also, the idea that states which John McCain won in 2008 might be in play in 2012–Missouri, Arizona, Georgia, Montana–and are worth an investment, seems to have been dismissed.

It is clear most of the campaign will be fought in the ten states that the Obama Victory Fund lists, so any Obama supporter needs to consider purchasing campaign paraphernalia as a worthwhile investment in the future.