Obama Super PAC

Comedian Bill Maher’s PAC Contribution To The Obama Presidential Campaign

Comedian Bill Maher has been a strong critic of President Barack Obama over the past three years for being too moderate, and unwilling to take on the Republican opposition.

However, Maher has decided to give $1 million to the Obama PAC, Priorities USA, with his reasoning that, despite his disappointments with the Obama record, that he has made progress on many fronts, has many accomplishments, and that the alternative is going backwards.

Maher also points out that Obama or the Republican nominee will end up having judicial appointments to the Supreme Court and lower courts, and that this is a long range issue not getting enough attention, and that it affects the nation long term, not just for the next four years.

Also, Republicans seem ready to go to war overseas again, while Obama has a more measured approach to military action, trying to avoid disasters such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of the points made by Maher are those the author agrees with completely, and has stated many times in this blog. One would just wish that the author had financial assets on the level of Bill Maher, so that he could contribute an amount to the Obama campaign, on the level of Maher. But oh well!