Net Financial Worth

Our Congress Becoming So Wealthy They Can No Longer Represent Us: A Crisis For America!

Congress is supposed to represent “us” and be the “voice” of the people, but there is a disturbing trend regarding acquisition of wealth that should trouble all Americans.

It used to be that “average” Americans, meaning people NOT millionaires, could be elected to Congress, and that they would “serve” the nation without expectations of becoming rich from their service.

Now, nearly half of all members of Congress are millionaires, and their assets have increased by two and a half times from what it was twenty five years ago, while the average assets of Americans have remained stagnant.

The average net worth of members of Congress in 1984 was $280,000, while now it is $725,000. Meanwhile the average net worth of Americans remains at $20,000! These figures do not include home equity, but even that is way down for average Americans after the real estate crash beginning in 2006!

If the American people believe that Congress is only there for the wealthy and powerful, it will cause fewer to vote, which is exactly what the wealthy and powerful want!

This situation is a danger to American democracy, a crisis for our long term future!