Horses, Bayonets, Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, And Battleships: Barack Obama Ridicules Mitt Romney On Navy

A high point of last night’s debate was when Mitt Romney insisted we needed more ships in the Navy.

Obama responded that things have changed since 1917, when we had more ships.

Obama said we do not need horses and bayonets as we did a century ago, and that aircraft carriers, submarines, and battleships are part of the modern navy, ridiculing Romney for his emphasis on the number of ships.

Romney looked very uncomfortable at that point, and the smirk was gone from his face, as he realized he had been made out to be a fool.

No one can say that Obama has not recovered from his lackluster performance in the first debate, and he came across as strong, assertive, knowledgeable, and made one wonder: Why would anyone want to replace the Commander in Chief, particularly when Romney agreed with him on so many issues and matters?

With the economy obviously in recovery, and a strong Commander in Chief, the case for Barack Obama to be reelected President surged forward last night!