Miiitary Sexual Violence

Crises In The US Military: Sexual Violence, Suicide, And Poor Veterans Care

The US military, said to be the best in the world, is reeling from three crises:

Widespread sexual violence, with the vast majority of victims being female, but also not a small number of males

The growing suicide rate among active military, as well as retired military, on the average of one nearly every 40-50 minutes around the clock.

Massive backlog in taking care of veterans benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

These crises threaten the ability of the military to recruit people, and to give needed assistance to those already in the military, as well as those who have left the military and have physical and emotional needs that are not being met, from their experiences in the military.

Psychological depression has caused an alarming rate of suicides, and sometimes, other members of the family are victimized as well.

We have always been ready to send troops overseas, without a care for what that does to the troops, mostly young males and some females, who have no clue as to what they will face when in combat zones.

But we are never ready to meet their needs when they face crises while in the military, or when they separate from military duty.

This reality is unconscionable, and action must be taken to deal with these massive crises that undermine our ability to face the challenges of the world in the 21st century!