Medical Care

Obama And Gay Visitation Rights In Hospitals: Important Step On Human Rights!

President Obama took a great step forward on human rights yesterday, when he ordered that the Department of Health and Human Services immediately move to promote the right of gay and lesbian couples to have hospital visitation rights, something often denied in many health crises involving gays across the nation up to now.

While there is much more that needs to be done regarding the subject of gay rights, Obama is bringing about changes in a more measured way to avoid conflict with Congress in the short run.

This will not, of course, please gay activists who want immediate and dramatic changes on gay rights on the part of the Obama Administration.

But this move to allow better treatment in hospital situations is still to be applauded as a move in the right direction! One must remember that there are so many areas that Obama is working on at the same time, and some patience is therefore required!

The main point is that Obama’s attitude and mind is in the proper place, and he will be seen as having made great progress on a difficult subject as time goes by!