Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

Voting Rights Extension 2006: 98-0 In Senate! Voting Rights Extension 2021–Rejected By Republicans!

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC.

It is very clear what Martin Luther King Jr. would say if he was alive today–total anger at what the Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, has done–to work to destroy the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 under Lyndon B. Johnson, and reaffirmed as recently as 2006, under President George W. Bush, when the US Senate voted 98-0 to renew it, with full backing of the Republican President and his party unanimously.

But now, in the age of Donald Trump and a Republican Party morphing into the old segregationist Southern Democratic Party from Reconstruction times to the 1960s, we are stunned to see not one Republican Senator—not even Mitt Romney, nor Ben Sasse, nor Lisa Murkowski, nor Susan Collins—willing to vote to overcome the filibuster tactic. This vote was just to consider and discuss and debate a Voting Rights Act to restore the damage done by the US Supreme Court in 2013 in Shelby County V Holder, and by many Southern and Western states legislatures since then, to restrict the right to vote, the bedrock of a democracy!

The Republican Party has lost its credibility completely as a serious alternative conservative party, and now is just a bunch of power seeking, phony so called “religious’ people, who are out to promote white supremacy, nativism and misogyny! They are out to promote election subversion and voter suppression and deny the right to vote to millions of Americans!

The party will not recover long term if it does not abandon Donald Trump now, and there is no sign of that occurring!

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial: Celebration Of A Pathbreaking Leader!

Today is the birthday of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who would have been 83 years old today, had he lived. The celebration of his life will be tomorrow, a national holiday.

One has to wonder about the impact of this man, had he not been shot down in hate on April 4, 1968, at the young age of 39.

With the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial opening this past October, this is the first birthday of King that tourists in Washington D.C. can commemorate his life by visiting the site.

In a time of division and turmoil, King’s message of love and unity and compassion for others less fortunate rings out as a message of hope for the future, if we can just overcome our differences and see each other as Americans with the right to equality of opportunity, rather than just promote the interests of an elite class of wealthy who control power and policy over American society!