Liz Truss

Republican Party Will Follow Liz Truss Lead, And Cause Economic Crisis!

British Prime Minister Liz Truss will go down in history as the shortest lasting government in British history, 45 days, and now, there is talk of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was a true disaster, and too much like Donald Trump, might come back to office.

The Conservative Party of Great Britain is in free fall, but they do not have to call for a new election for two years, so difficult times are ahead, whether or not Johnson returns to power!

But yet, the Republican Party in American politics seems ready to go down as the British equivalent of an economic disaster, if they gain control of either or both houses of Congress in the Midterm Elections of 2022!

Liz Truss tried to follow the old “supply side Economics” of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, copied by former President Ronald Reagan. The goal was to lower taxes on the wealthy, and cut social spending, and it hit the middle and lower classes in both Great Britain and America hard in the 1980s.

The national debt tripled in America, and there was lots of corruption in the Reagan Administration, but it is glorified by conservatives, who also loved when George W. Bush and Donald Trump gave even more massive tax cuts to the wealthy.

So if Kevin McCarthy and his ilk gain control, they will promote more tax cuts to the wealthy, while setting out to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans’ benefits.

So while there are troubles with inflation, if the American people vote in a Republican Congress, they will discover the disaster that Great Britain is now experiencing!

The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II Of The United Kingdom A Sad But Expected Event

This blogger was seven years old when Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom became Queen in February 1952.

For most Britons, and most of the world, she is the only British monarch they have ever known.

While she had limited power in a constitutional monarchy, Queen Elizabeth represented dignity, grace, charm, wisdom, and so much else.

She was a model for good behavior and basic decency in a world that lately has had too many cases of public leaders who disgrace their offices with bad behavior.

Her loss, sad but expected, at the age of 96, creates a challenge for the new King, Charles III, and for the new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, who just became the leader and presented her credentials as part of the last public duty and public appearance of the Queen two days earlier.

There will be a large mourning period for ten days, and then Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday, September 19, when she will be buried alongside her beloved husband, Prince Philip, who died in April, 2021, two months before what would have been his 100th birthday!

God Bless the Queen, as she kept her commitment to public service!