LGBT Community

If Only Rick Santorum Was A Progressive! What Good He Could Have Done To Advance Unity And Reform!

As one observes the Presidential campaIgn of 2012, and watches the Republican candidates, it is hard not to like Rick Santorum on a personal level.

The man comes across as personable, genuine, sincere, warm, friendly, interested in people, passionate in his own beliefs, and able to resonate with the average blue collar, non college educated American, which is, after all, a majority of the American people!

But his message is the problem, with his right wing, prejudiced, biased, judgmental view, dominated by his overtly moralistic and religious views of all issues being black and white, not grey!

His name is now headed in a Google search by a nasty sexual description given to him by Dan Savage, a gay activist, due to Santorum’s hateful attitude toward the LGBT community, and his obsession with sex generally in his public utterances and statements.

It is tragic that Rick Santorum, with his obvious gift of connection to his audiences, did not utilize his talents for the advancement of unity and understanding of differences, rather than promoting a massive divide in America, and working to make America a theocracy, which is precisely what the Founding Fathers did NOT wish to promote.

If he had been the opposite of what he is and has become, Rick Santorum might well have been a progressive and a future occupant of the White House, promoting an expansion of the New Deal and Great Society! Oh well!