Joe Paterno

The Loss Of Trust In Institutions On Sexual Abuse And The Alarming Reaction Of Many!

So now we have another institution, organized sports, joining the ranks of the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America, in losing the trust and respect of many Americans, all due to sexual abuse.

It is impossible to fathom why evidence of sexual abuse of minors was not reported promptly to the authorities, whether it was Penn State, the Catholic Church, or the Boy Scouts of America.

But it is even more shocking when many people react in an alarming way, as thousands of Penn State students rioted last night after their icon, coach Joe Paterno, was summarily dismissed for not doling more when he learned of sexual abuse by an assistant football coach nearly ten years ago.

These college students, who were children a short time ago, seemed more concerned about their college football team’s prospects than the harm done to young children by the sexual abuse visited upon them over a period of more than a decade!

What is it that makes young people, and really people of all ages, such sports fanatics that they worship coaches and managers, and see no limits to their maniacal support of sports, which after all, are supposed to be a diversion, not a religion?

There is a severe lack of morality and ethics being displayed, and the Penn State students who marched, demonstrated, and did property damage, should be condemned for their juvenile behavior and inappropriate actions.

College is for academics primarily, but college sports has become too dominant, and the idea that coaches are paid more than the university president is obscene on its face!

If Penn State really cared about this tragedy, they should forfeit the remaining three games and refuse to participate in any post season Bowl games, as an appropriate reaction to the horrific tragedy visited on children by their institution while they stood by and only cared about what is basically a game, not real life!