Jimmy Carter Hospice Care

Jimmy Carter Is Still Alert And Engaged In Hospice Care: An Inspiring News Event!

In a time when there is so much bad and distressing news, my day was brightened with the news that former President Jimmy Carter, in hospice since mid February, seems nowhere near death!

I am so thrilled to learn that he is lucid; has regular contact with his wife Rosalynn and his many children, grandchildren and close friends; is in a very positive mood; and is enjoying ice cream, including peanut butter flavor, related to his having been a peanut farmer!

Hospice does not necessarily mean the end of life is near, as some patients live for a few years, so it is hoped by fervent prayer that the 39th President lives to reach one hundred years of age in a year, four months, and one week from now on October 1, 2024!

Carter’s reputation has risen, and once he has passed, this author and blogger believes there will be a reassessment of him, and he will rise into the top third of Presidents, based on the multitude of good policies and deeds, rather than harping on the issues that no President could have controlled, as all Presidents are to a great extent dependent on forces they cannot control!