Jeff Zeleny

Rick Santorum Attacks The New York Times: A Losing Crusade!

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has decided to attack a New York Times reporter, Jeff Zeleny, a very respected journalist, for misunderstanding his statement regarding Mitt Romney being the worst possible Republican candidate for President against Barack Obama, because of the Romney health care plan he devised for Massachusetts while its Governor in 2006.

Santorum cursed at Zeleny, and later said that a Republican would have to prove his mettle by attacking the New York Times.

No one has ever said that the New York Times is perfect, and that it has not made mistakes in its history in its reporting of the news.

But feeling a need to attack the New York Times for political reasons is counterproductive, as no matter what one thinks, that newspaper remains the BEST newspaper in coverage of political and foreign policy news, with the possible exception of the Washington Post.

Being the newspaper of record, with the best and most thorough coverage and research index, any intelligent citizen or voter should look askance at Rick Santorum, when he feels a need to attack legitimate journalism, as it not a positive image of Santorum that he leaves by such an attack.