Interstate Roads

Washington State Bridge Collapse Another Reminder Of Need For Massive Infrastructure Investment Without Interference Of Politics!

News that the Interstate 5 Bridge north of Seattle, Washington, collapsed last night, causing two vehicles to plunge in the water and cause three injuries, is a reminder of the crisis we face in this nation, regarding the urgent need for massive infrastructure investment, with an aging public works system all over the country, and with the reminder of the much more disastrous bridge collapse in Minnesota on Interstate 95 in 2007, which caused the death of 13 people and the injury of 145 others.

Instead of constant politics, and claims we cannot afford such investment in infrastructure, this is another warning of the potential for much greater disasters because of short sightedness on the part of Congressional leaders, who refuse to face the facts that it is the job of the federal government to provide necessary funding for such projects, and if that means higher taxes, so be it!