Intellectual Skills

Fact Of Life: Education Beyond High School Is Essential And Also Fulfilling In Other Ways Than Just Employment!

There has been a lot of talk recently about the burden college graduates face in paying off college debt.

There has also been the growth of an anti-intellectual backlash by those who are not educated, and resent the power and influence of educated people.

But the reality is that educated people tend to find it easier to become employed, stay employed, and make a much higher income over a lifetime, by any statistic one uses.

New government figures prove that education gives a person seeking employment many more opportunities for fulfilling work, and with less likelihood of being laid off, and if so, easier to find another job.

This is not equivalent of the past, when many people without any education could obtain a good manufacturing job and support a family.

But it is not only the economics of education that is significant, but also the fact of the “liberation” of one’s mind from myth and ignorance, as a college education promotes higher skills, including ability to analyze, evaluate, and interpret information; as well as encourage tolerance of others, and a desire to learn and improve one’s social and intellectual being.

A learned population is far better than an ignorant population, and it engenders an increased sense of satisfaction and happiness as well.

So the answer is to pursue higher education as the ticket to success long term, and open mindedness throughout one’s life, making one a better person, a better husband or wife, a better dad or mom, a better friend, a better human being!