Industrial Pollution

The Ultimate Price For Being Poor: Exposure To Dangerous Chemicals And Other Life Threatening Industrial Pollution

Only if someone has struggled in life can one fully realize what it means to be poor, but once a person is fortunate enough to escape poverty, often they do not wish to remind themselves of the tough times.

But there are nearly 50 million people–men women, children, the elderly–who live in poverty, and besides lack of adequate housing, medical care, food supply, and lack of hope—also end up living in dangerous areas near chemical and other industrial plants, spewing forth poison in the air, soil and water supply, even with so called regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency, which faces constant attacks by Republicans and conservatives, who do not care about the life threatening effects of such industrial pollution on the poor who live nearby!

The story of the explosion at West, Texas is a good example of this, with a Governor, Rick Perry, who is against federal regulation and controls, and has advocated secession, showing no concern about the need for greater regulation and greater oversight, as Texas is a prime example of a state which every day shows its contempt for its poor, including refusing to expand Medicaid!

It is unconscionable for a state and a Governor to take such an immoral stand, and yet constantly invoke Jesus Christ in their utterances!

This is the ultimate indignity for the poor, to hear the pontificating of the politicians about Jesus Christ, and yet recognize they do not care one whit about the lives of 50 million people in any way, including the reality and the dangers of industrial pollution!