Indian Affairs

Barack Obama, A President Always Seeking Dialogue: Business Executives And The Tribal Nations Conference

No matter what one may think about the performance and accomplishments of President Obama, no one can deny his constant involvement in multiple activities, and his desire to seek dialogue with all kinds of groups across the spectrum of America.

Evidence of this is his four hour meeting yesterday with 20 business executives, and his attendance and speech at a White House Tribal Nations Conference today.

Is there any combination of such activities more different than these two? The answer is highly doubtful! 🙂

Obama made an appeal to Wall Street and corporate executives yesterday to hire and invest, and discussed trade, taxes, and education with a wide variety of different company executives. He made it clear that he understood the importance of private enterprise in the expansion and success of the American economy. This was a good, and necessary, move by the President after a difficult year in the relations between the business community and the White House.

At the same time, Obama has clearly become the major advocate of a different and more involved approach toward the tribal nations, that are after all, the original Americans, but have never been treated well by states and the national government. Obama is on the path to become the most sympathetic and active President on Indian affairs in American history, a step long overdue and justifiable because of past wrongs.

So Barack Obama is always on the road to solving problems and keeping the lines of communication open, and for this, we should all be appreciative!