Income Tax Returns

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Both Avoid Transparency On Finances, So Match Well!

It is well known that Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential nominee, has refused to release more information about his taxes beyond 2010’s returns, and the promised 2011 tax return when it is belatedly filed by October.

But now we discover, thanks to the website PoliticsUSA, that Paul Ryan, the Vice Presidential nominee, kept an inheritance of more than a million dollars secret until after he was vetted in the early stages for Vice President. That inheritance is from his mother in law after her death in 2010, and is now worth a few million dollars. It was not reported for two years on his disclosure forms, and was only added to the information provided Mitt Romney after Ryan had gone through early stages of the Vice Presidential search.

Romney must have liked that Ryan was secretive, and unwilling to reveal a major part of his assets, as he is cut of the same cloth!

Paul Ryan Pays Higher Percentage Of Taxes Than Mitt Romney! Why Should That Be?

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the Vice Presidential nominee on the Mitt Romney Republican ticket, revealed yesterday that he paid about 16 percent income taxes in 2010 and 20 percent in 2011.

Mitt Romney paid only 13.9 percent on his 2010 income, and has not yet revealed his 2011 tax return, but claims he has always paid at least 13 percent on his income in the past ten years, but refusing to show those returns, and wanting us to trust him.

The question that arises is why should Paul Ryan pay a higher percentage of his income than Mitt Romney?

Paul Ryan WORKED for a living as a Congressman, while Mitt Romney lived off his investments since 2007!

Why should unearned income be taxed lower than earned income?

Why should those who work pay more than those who have leisure time to do what they wish?

Why should a person with an estimated fortune of $250 million be taxed lower than someone who is worth, probably, maybe one or two million dollars and works?

And why should the average person, who does not make what Paul Ryan earns, pay the same as Paul Ryan, or even a higher percentage?

These are questions that need to be dealt with in the next Presidential term, as fair taxation is essential, and it is time for the wealthy, those who work, and those who don’t work, to pay their fair share–meaning MORE!

Income Tax Returns Revealed: George W. Bush–17, George Romney–12, Mitt Romney–1!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is coming across as extremely secretive, refusing to release any tax returns other than the one for 2010, which revealed he was worth at least $250 million, twice the wealth of the eight Presidents from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama!

Now evidence is emerging that he is, likely, MUCH wealthier than $250 million, since he has offshore accounts in many nations, more than even what was thought (Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Switzerland)!

Romney delayed his 2012 tax return to avoid controversy during the primaries, but now those records will be revealed probably in October, shortly before the election, but it seems possible he will try to delay the revelations until after the election.

But the fact that he refuses to give details about his taxes looks terrible as compared to President George W. Bush, a rich man, who revealed SEVENTEEN years of tax returns in 2000.

Also, Mitt’s dad, Governor George Romney of Michigan, while running for the Presidency in 1968, revealed TWELVE years of tax returns.

So why cannot Mitt reveal NOW more than ONE year? How about it, Mitt?