Improvised Explosive Devices

16,000 Severely Wounded Soldiers Have Come Home From Afghanistan And Iraq: Our Commitment To Them Must Have No Boundaries!

A new report from the Department of Veterans Affairs demonstrates just how horrifying the interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq have been to our soldiers.

The shocking total of 16,000 soldiers have been severely wounded, losing arms, legs, portions of their face and skull, and brain injuries, and they come home with the likelihood of 50 or more years of life ahead of them. This does not even include those who look physically fine, but also have mental and emotional problems.

While in the past, most of these young men and women would have died, now they have to face the challenge of finding work, having social interaction, and trying to have as close to a normal life as possible.

Will our government do what needs to be done, morally and ethically, for these people who have sacrificed so much?

One has to wonder if our country will show proper respect and regard for these tragic cases of young men and women sent to fight by a government which had no concept of the disaster of Improved Explosive Devices and other methods that killed so many Americans, and yet led to these survivors who face an uncertain future!

This is an area where NO CUTS to government spending can be allowed, and in fact, funding MUST be increased on a steady basis!