Illinois Senate Race

Exaggeration And Fabrication: The Cases Of Richard Blumenthal And Mark Kirk

What is it with politicians that they cannot run for office based on truth and honesty, on their real record of accomplishments or talents? 🙁

We have the cases of Democrat Richard Blumenthal, running for the Senate in Connecticut, and Republican Mark Kirk, running for the Senate in Illinois!

Blumenthal has been the distinguished Attorney General of Connecticut for 22 years, and is attempting to succeed Democrat Christopher Dodd in the Senate. He is heavily favored, but the NY TIMES has uncovered the fact that he has lied about military service in Vietnam in the late 1960s, when he never did such service!

Mark Kirk has been a GOP Congressman for ten years, and is considered a moderate Republican with a good chance of defeating his Democratic opponent, in a race to succeed the appointed Democrat to Barack Obama’s Senate seat, Roland Burris. But he has fabricated his teaching experience, which was very minimal to none, for no reason that makes any sense!

It seems to me that Blumenthal claiming military experience in Vietnam is much more egregious an offense than Kirk claiming teaching experience, but the question is WHY it is necessary to fabricate, exaggerate and lie about one’s background! 🙁

How could either candidate really believe that they would get away with lying over time, if not immediately caught in the story making? It boggles the mind why such behavior seems more commonly used, therefore causing further disillusionment toward politicians by the American people! 🙁