Gun Statistics

Some Facts About Guns In America: The Toll They Take!

Every day in America, 87 Americans are killed by gun violence, close to four per hour!

Every day in America, 183 Americans are wounded by gun violence, close to eight per hour!

Every year in America, about 1,000 young people under the age of 21 are shot, about three per day!

Gun violence cost annually is about $100 billion, which could be used for health care or education, instead of the cost of the suffering that guns produce!

One would think such statistics would be more than enough reason for sane, rational people to say it is time for gun regulations to prevent acquisition of large amounts of ammunition, and to ban totally any possibility of assault weapons.

But of course, there is too much profit in gun sales, and the National Rifle Association enriches itself and its leadership, by stirring its members into a frenzy that legitimate purchase and use of guns would ever be totally banned!