Government Benefits

Government “Benefits” And The “Red” States

Mitt Romney condemned the “47 percent” this week, who he claimed are dependent on government “benefits”, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Pell Grants, housing assistance, and other “welfare” payments, including unemployment compensation.

The fact that many of the people who receive “benefits,” other than Social Security and Medicare (which all recipients have directly paid taxes on their whole working lives), are from the “red” states, the Republican states, which voted for John McCain in 2008, seems to have been forgotten.

There is much more poverty and lower incomes, and also, sadly, drug addiction and alcoholism, in the Southern states and the Great Plains and Mountain States, where Republican support is most prevalent.

The New England and Middle Atlantic States, the Midwest, and the Pacific Coast states, much more “blue” or Democratic in voting habits, have higher incomes, less poverty in a comparative sense, and pay the bulk of federal income taxes.

So actually, the “blue” Democratic states have the burden of taxation to support the “red” Republican states, who are more dependent for government support, although they hate the federal government and vote Republican, for a party that gives not a damn about them, and looks down on them as losers, but is able to convince them to hate “liberals” and “progressives” who brought about the programs they benefit from!

Of course, the fact that President Barack Obama is articulate and black plays a major role in their hate, but they still accept support from the “blue” party and states!

What a tremendous example of hypocrisy, lies, deception, and ignorance on a massive scale!