Geography Knowledge

Ignorance Of Geography: A Crisis For America!

In the debate over whether Barack Obama was born in the United States in 1961, the controversy is not just over those who still believe that the President was born in Kenya or Indonesia, but also among those who say “Yes, he was born in Hawaii”, but think Hawaii is a foreign nation!

It turns out that six percent in a poll think Hawaii is not part of the United States, and four percent are not sure IF Hawaii is part of the country.

This reminds me of those in the population who think that if you mail a letter or package to New Mexico, you need foreign postage! LOL

It shows a real ignorance of geography in this country, as many people could not even pick out the United States on the map, and have no clue as to where Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan are, despite their crucial significance at this point in international affairs.

This is a sad commentary on American education, but also on our super nationalism mentality, which makes many feel that we do NOT need to know anything about the world around us since we are the superior nation, so therefore why should we care about any other country? This is a major problem for the future of this nation and the world as well!