Gay Marrriage

Gay Marriage, Maryland, And Governor Martin O’Malley’s Presidential Plans For 2016

The state of Maryland is about to have a referendum on Election Day as to whether that state will endorse gay marriage, something that has failed in many other states.

The state already recognizes gay marriages from other states, but is putting it on the ballot in an affirmative fashion, rather than stating, as in other states, that traditional marriage is being rejected. Also, the referendum makes clear that that there are exemptions for religious groups.

Since Maryland is a strongly Democratic state, and Barack Obama will win the state handily in November by every estimate, it is thought that the gay marriage referendum will win, and it has become an issue that Governor Martin O’Malley has latched onto.

So this will be a testing point for O’Malley, who is clearly planning to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, and has been engaged in early steps in that direction, including being involved in debates with neighboring Republican Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia, in which he clearly has performed better; and also speaking out in constant strong defense of the Barack Obama record in office for the past four years.

So if the gay marriage referendum loses, O’Malley will be harmed, and if it passes, it will be a major boost to his future campaign plans for the White House.