Foreign Policy Debate

Discussion Of Obama Campaign Abandoning Florida: The Wrong Idea!

Recent public opinion polls indicate that Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee, is surging ahead in Florida, the biggest “swing” state with 29 electoral votes.

So, as a result, there is speculation and discussion of the Barack Obama campaign abandoning the fight in Florida, and taking the campaign to the other “swing” states, although at this point, Vice President Joe Biden is campaigning in Florida, and President Obama is due in Delray Beach this Tuesday.

It would be a serious mistake to abandon Florida, and it would undermine the campaign were that decision made at this point, with 17 days to go.

The odds of Obama improving his poll numbers after the Foreign Policy Debate in Boca Raton on Monday are excellent, so ONLY in the last week of the campaign, if the situation does not improve, should any consideration of abandonment of the fight for the Sunshine State be considered.