For Profit Colleges

Public Education Gains By Leaving Of Betsy DeVos As Secretary Of Education, A Total Disaster!

One of the many blessings of the upcoming end of the Donald Trump Presidency is the leaving of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Easily the absolutely worst Secretary of Education America has ever witnessed, there is a case for investigation of Betsy DeVos to be prosecuted for her illegal and unethical actions in that post.

This woman is evil and has no conscience in her efforts to destroy public education in favor of private and religious schools.

She has undermined transgender student rights, students of color, and survivors of college campus sexual assault. She also encouraged corrupt for profit colleges over traditional universities. She blocked the discharging of student loan debt for borrowers who were defrauded by unscrupulous lenders.

As an evangelical Christian, she overlooked the needs of Public Schools to promote religious education at the expense of poor, inner city schools.

Outrageously, she diverted COVID 19 Pandemic funds to private and religious schools rather than public schools and colleges. She proved to be a friend of the elite rich over the average working class person, and came across as tone deaf and incompetent, if not corrupt, but that needs to be investigated upon her departure.

All those who care or are involved in public education, including this blogger, are relieved she is leaving, and whoever is the next Secretary of Education is insured to be a great improvement, and we know that Dr. Jill Biden, the incoming First Lady and public educator herself, will be sure to be in the discussion on who that person shall be!

Senator Tom Harkin’s Investigation Of “For Profit” Colleges Warranted!

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa, the Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, is planning hearings on the “For Profit” colleges in the nation, which are well known for their scandalous behavior in recruitment and financing!

The “For Profit” colleges are led by the University of Phoenix, ITT Educational Services, Inc, Career Education Corp and other corporations, which together receive more than $20 billion in grants and loans for students!

The problem is that the recruiting practices of these corporations encourage students to sign up for expensive career programs with no guarantee of employment, and the level of debt incurred leads to high levels of default, which puts the burden on the taxpayers of America! 🙁

The “For Profit” schools recruit mostly poor and minority students with great promises of success, but often do not do anything to help them find employment! Also the tuition is outrageously high, without adequate instruction and equipment and student services!

Nearly two million students are in the “For Profit” schools, but levels of emotional manipulation by recruiters are rampant against people who have no conception of the false promises that are being made to them!

The question of whether these “For Profit” schools are truly “educating” their students is an open question! A full investigation and exposure of this industry, already reported on by PBS, is essential, before there are more victims among students and taxpayers alike! 🙁