Flood Insurance

Senators Jim Bunning And Tom Coburn And Flood Insurance Extension

Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky and Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, already among the most despicable members of the present Senate and of all time members of the upper body, have again, by their stupidity and vindictiveness, done great harm to millions of Americans!

Both of these men, utilizing the “hold” technique to stop temporarily the extension of unemployment compensation as a tactic against the Obama Administration, has now effectively reverberated in a new disgraceful manner!

Part of the legislation was to extend government sponsored flood insurance for millions of homeowners, and because of their shenanigans, there was a delay in that renewal! Between now and April 12, if any flooding occurs, such as has been happening in the Northeast, and earlier in the Midwest, any such flood damage will not be covered because of the gap in time of the legislation going into effect!

How can these men sleep at night, playing politics with people’s lives, whether for unemployment compensation or for flood insurance? 🙁

How can these men, who love to profess that they are “good Christians” and flaunt their religion, say that they are decent and religious people, when they show no compassion for their fellow human beings, many of them less fortunate who need whatever help government can give them? 🙁

If there is an afterlife, as these “religious” men would profess does exist, it is hard to imagine that they will end up where “good, decent” people, whether religious or not, will reside!