Flight 93

Flight 93 And Shanksville, Pennsylvania Heroism And Unity: Why Can’t We Emulate Them Nine Years Later?

Today, September 11, is not only the 9th anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but also the heroic action of strangers who united together in courage and conviction to overcome terrorists on Flight 93, who intended to crash into the White House or Capitol Hill!

These people–heroes and heroines–came from different parts of the nation, different backgrounds, different traditions–but they all united in a cause they knew they would not survive, the overcoming of the terrorists on board!

Their plane smashed into the ground at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, killing all aboard, but saving the country from an even worse tragedy, and an appropriate memorial is being planned to honor these decent people who sacrificed themselves for the betterment of their nation!

Why, oh why, can we not today, as a nation, show the same level of sacrifice and commitment to our nation, that these courageous passengers on Flight 93 demonstrated nine years ago today? 🙁

A true honoring of these courageous, brave citizens would be to rededicate ourselves to emulate their behavior, as that would be for the benefit of ALL of us, rather than the self serving, selfish, narrow minded exploitation of September 11, that has become endemic as the years have gone by! 🙁

We owe it to them to reconsider whether making September 11 something to politicize is moral and ethical, and rather to see it as something to be respected and honored and to unite us!