Barack Obama Now Attacked Over Dog Bo: What Else Is New?

President Obama is now being attacked by the Republicans over the issue of spending an hour shopping for his dog Bo for Christmas, in the midst of the controversy over the middle class tax cut continuation, which finally was resolved by a caving of the House Republicans and Speaker John Boehner.

The nerve of Obama to spend time shopping for Christmas for Bo! This shows how preposterous and ridiculous things have become!

And yet, we did not hear criticism of George W. Bush spending time and money on his dog Barney!

Now we DID have the famous speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944, defending his dog Fala against attacks, and interestinly, there is a sculpure of Fala as part of the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC!

So maybe Obama should make a speech like FDR did, and it would certainly be a light moment of laughs, something America needs!