“Entitlement” Society

The Disintegration Of Mitt Romney: Arrogant, Elitist, Disdainful, A Sure Loser!

Mitt Romney has self destructed this evening, with his statement made at a fund raiser, showing disdain for 47 percent of the population; having no concern for those who are less fortunate, as to whether they have food, housing and health care; demonstrating that everything this author has said about him and Paul Ryan is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

This author has been attacked by right wing websites, with unbelievable insults and nasty comments, but those who had such hateful and despicable comments to make, now are revealed as having backed a candidate who ranks as the WORST Republican Presidential nominee of modern times–making George W. Bush, John McCain, Bob Dole all look brilliant by comparison!

At least, all were smart enough to avoid making stupid, disrespectful comments in public, while Romney and Paul Ryan, have no problem in denouncing the poor, the disadvantaged, the minorities, women, and anyone who dares to expect them to pay their fair share of taxes! Their sense of entitlement is beyond belief, and yet they say 47 percent of the population feels entitled!

But their move to set up an absolute plutocracy over America has failed, and Mitt Romney has lost the election for sure, and he richly deserves a sound defeat!

Mitt Romney Condemns “Entitlement” Society, Which He Claims Is 47 % Of American Society!

A secret audio tape taken of Mitt Romney talking to wealthy donors, after he clinched the GOP Presidential nomination, demonstrates what he really feels about the American people who are not wealthy, and are struggling daily to get by.

He condemned what he called the “entitlement” society, which he said was 47 percent, who expect handouts, and will never vote for him.

He also said these people expect health care, food, and housing from government, an attack on so many different groups, when one thinks about it in detail.

If someone said he is promoting an attack on those who are welfare recipients, realize that they are not 47 percent of the population.

If he is referring to African Americans, a normal viewpoint of conservatives, they are not 47 percent of the population.

If he is referring to Hispanics and Latinos, they are not 47 percent of the population.

If he is referring to senior citizens who receive Social Security and Medicare, which are seen as “entitlements”, they are not 47 percent of the popuation.

If he is referring to people on Medicaid, including those who are disabled or elderly poor, they are not 47 percent of the population.

Who makes up the 47 percent?

Whites, who are a majority of those who are poor, who receive food stamps and housing assistance

African Americans, a minority of who are poor, who receive food stamps and housing assistance

Hispanics and Latinos, a minority of who are poor, who receive food stamps and housing assistance

Single Mothers, a majority who are white of that category who receive support for their children

African Americans and Hispanics and Latinos single mothers, a minority who receive support for their children
Senior Citizens, mostly white, who receive Social Security and Medicare

Disabled and Poor who receive Medicaid

College students who receive Pell Grants to allow them to seek higher education

So the majority who receive an “entitlement” are white, are children, are senior citizens, are disabled people, are single mothers–but of course the implication is made that the majority are minorities—whether African Americans or Hispanics and Latinos!

And the vast majority who have “entitlements” receive Medicare and Social Security, which they have paid for all their working lives!

And to show, as Romney has in this audio, that he looks down on those who need food stamps, housing assistance, and medical care–basic human needs that all of us need, and those who receive it are certainly NOT happy that they are in such circumstances—shows a callousness and lack of concern for fellow human beings that is astounding, considering that he claims to be a “religious” man, who should, if he is truly “religious”, never forget the following:

“There but for the grace of God, go I!”

This man has lost all credibility to be a President of the United States, when he demonstrates, as he has in this audio tape, that he does not give a damn what happens to poor people, disabled people, the elderly, children, single mothers, and those down on their luck who need government help!