Education System

Pearl Harbor Day: Has It Been Forgotten?

Today is the 71st Anniversary of the Japanese attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, bringing America into World War II.

Approximately, 2,400 servicemen were killed in the attack, and we fought the war against Japan with the aim of never forgetting what happened on that tragic day.

And yet, as World War II veterans die at a growing rate, the question that arises is whether most Americans have any understanding or recognition of the sacrifices of our military on that day, and in the four years after.

It is clear that many Americans have no clue as to what Pearl Harbor is all about, or the significance of this day in our history.

This is more tragic in many ways, than even the loss of our servicemen on that day, as to forget, or have no memory or interest in what happened, is a sign of a nation that is ignorant and uncaring!

It is also an indictment of our education system that our youths come out of high school, and even often college, with no clue as to their history, and even the history of other nations and civilizations.

An ignorant nation on history is doomed to be bamboozled by crafty politicians and religious extremists out to promote an agenda to take us backward, rather than forward!