Draft Dodging

Bill Clinton And Mitt Romney: Two “Draft Dodgers”, But With A Difference!

In 1992, Presidential nominee Bill Clinton was constantly attacked for having avoided the draft during the Vietnam War, using his talents to evade service. Clinton, however, demonstrated against the war, so was principled about his opposition to the conflict that he avoid serving in.

But then there is the case of Mitt Romney, who also evaded the war, got draft deferments, and instead, used the excuse of being a Mormon missionary in France in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

But the difference is that Mitt Romney publicly expressed support of the war, held signs supporting the war, and advocated others joining the war!

Which is more to be condemned? The man who evades service on principle, or the man who evades service while supporting the war and the draft of OTHERS, but not his privileged self?

The author thinks you know the answer!